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One-Piece Vulcanisation

Most tracks are made of multiple parts all held together by glue. But not Bridgestone tracks. Ours are vulcanised as a single piece of rubber. No seams, no joins on the tread lugs or the inner guide lugs. Everything is cured together as one piece. The strain exerted on the track during operation is therefore spread throughout the entire track. That's one reason why nothing falls off prematurely.

edge-cut on curb

The tread bars and main
carcass are vulcanized
as one-piece with a
seamless molded radius.

edge-cut 1000 hrs

Tread bars remain secure on the rubber track.

edge-cut after 1900 hrs

By using this process the guide lugs remain secure on the rubber track. The guide lugs are made of a wear resistant rubber compound for added durability.

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