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Air Picker and Air Gripper

Air Picker and Air Gripper are innovative pneumatic rubber handling devices. Due to their flexible inflatable rubber shape they are able to attach themselves to various fragile or sensitive items of varying dimensions and hold them gently and securely. There are many applications and some typical ones include handling bottles, cylinders, photoconductor drums, or as exhaust and pump leak testing probes used in automated processes in factories or on assembly lines.

  • Air Picker works on the principle of inserting itself into the neck of a bottle, cylinder or similar object, pneumatically inflating its rubber sleeve to create an inner seal, allowing the object to be picked up and moved mechanically.
  • Air Gripper works on the principle of placing itself around the outside of the neck of an item, inflating to create a seal that grips around like a clamp before it is moved mechanically.
Range Applicable inside diameter Handling Load
Standard Air Picker 10mm to 100mm 300g to 25kg
Special order Air Picker 100mm to 320mm 25kg +
Standard Air Gripper 5mm to 45mm 1.4kg to 9kg
Special order Air Gripper 45mm to 135mm 9kg +
FEM standard

Air Picker inflating

Pro-Edge FEM

Air Gripper inflating

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