Rubber Pads for Steel Tracked Machines
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Rubber Pads for steel tracked machines

Bridgestone manufactures and supplies rubber pads for steel tracked machines. Rubber Pads are individually vulcanized with internal steel plates or embeds. Rubber pads are easily installed to the undercarriages of steel tracked machines and other construction machinery.

Our Rubber Pad products are supplied worldwide and are known for their unique features which put them amongst the most durable and reliable Rubber Pads available for steel tracked vehicles. And if harsh operating conditions ever severely damage one or two pads, it is often quite possible to continue working for a short time on the remaining pads before replacing just the damaged ones.

GeoGrip is a good alternative to large steel tracks which damage the ground surface and where continuous rubber tracks are not available. GeoGrip incorporates leading edge Rubber Pad technologies developed by Bridgestone which make these an excellent alternative for many steel tracked machines.

MT-Pad easily fits over the top of existing steel shoes. These rubber pads are a good solution for large steel tracked excavators which damage the ground surface and when continuous rubber tracks are not available for larger machines. Providing excellent stability and traction these Rubber Pads are easy to install or replace on excavators.