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A world leader in the rubber industry

Bridgestone was founded in 1931 and has grown to become one of the world's largest tire and rubber products companies, with over 180 manufacturing plants and R&D facilities in 25 counties around the world and sales networks in over 150 counties (data correct as at 1 April 2013).

The company is renowned for its R&D and design capability, exemplified by the success of Bridgestone's racing tires. This expertise extends to a wide range of products which fall within our Industrial Products division including Rubber Tracks, Rubber pads, Vibration Isolation products (for example Engine mounts and Cab mounts) railcar suspensions, Hydraulic and other rubber hoses, factory automation products and Seismic Isolators to mention just a few.

Reporting into Bridgestone's corporate headquarters in Tokyo Japan, the Industrial Products division has offices in Germany and the UK which are responsible for EMEA countries, Chicago-US for the Americas, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia for the South East Pacific and Tokyo-Japan for North East Asia and the rest of the world. These offices are supported by local engineers as well as technical expertise in the relevant production factories around the world as well as Bridgestone's Diversified Products flagship Technical Centre in Yokohama Japan. More information about our networks can be found by clicking on Contacts or through each product category.

Bridgestone Industrial Limited is registered in England and Wales. Company number 2454034.
Registered office: Hill House, 1 Little New Street, London EC4A 3TR UK. We are a limited company.

Bridgestone Industrial GmbH is registered in Germany and a wholly owned subsidiary of Bridgestone Industrial Ltd . Company number HRB 99699 (AG Darmstadt). Registered office, Berliner Ring 89, 64625 Bensheim, Germany.